Mobile applications have transformed the way we use and interact with brands and services. You are losing clients if you don't have an adequate mobile presence and strategy. I will help you build high-quality, innovative and engaging mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Great Design

I apply the best practices in mobile design, customising the application flow and look-and-feel to each platform and form-factor, be it smartphones or tablets, so that users have a native and familiar experience.

Native Development

I believe that only native applications create truly engaging and high-quality experiences in resource-constrained mobile devices. We use Objective-C / Swift for development with the iOS SDK and Java for developing with the Android SDK.

Analytics and Reporting

I will help you setup dashboards and key performance indicators so you can learn how users interact with your app. Evolve and iterate on your mobile investment with integrated mobile analytics and reporting on all platforms.

Agile Project Management

As a SCRUM-trained project manager and engineer, I’m ready to assist you on implementing an agile-based approach to project development, providing close feedback and inspection at all stages.


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